Purchasing HepLOLA

The best price for HepLOLA is on this site when purchasing 2 or more canisters.

A single canisiter price is $92.75. When buying two, the price is $88.75 and offers free ground shipping. This is a $16.50 savings.

HepLOLA can also be purchased on Amazon at a higher price. We do not offer Prime shipping on Amazon.

We offer UPS ground and a 3 day shipping option.

We offer same weekday shipping for orders place before 2:00 mountain time.

We ship from Salt lake city. Ground shipping usually take 2-3 business days to the western US, 2-3 business days to the central US and 4-5 business days to the eastern US.

UPS has been having some intermittent delays due to weather, so planning ahead by 1-2 days may be prudent.